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31 Mar

Dear Gamezer Administrators

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People are spending precious time on this gamezer website in the turkish room. Even though there are punishments like getting banned and blocked about race religion and language. But for some unknown reason it does not stop. People are getting abused by someone that uses the players names as a nickname on the accounts that he continuesly opens. And what puts a question mark in our head how this abusive person can join in the room without a provement of his new opened accounts. This situation harms so many players every day that passes by the amount of the players get less and less in the turkish room. Our moderator can not always be there to let the players feel safe and protected. This abusive person also shows up in the room when the moderator is there. We ask you to be helpful and come watch the happenings and tell us what we can do. If you would just spend 2 to 3 days in our room you would understand the situation better. Thank you for your cooperation.

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